St Vitus

The church and parish are mentioned for the first time in a papal scroll from 1352. After the Hussite War the Bohemian brethren founded there a latin school and a gymnasium. In 1621 it became the property of the Jesuits who had turned it into their residence in 1666 - 1668. The author of the project was D.Orsini. Since 1830 the school was maintained by the Piarists, later by the Borromean Sisters. From 1953 incurable patiens of one of Prague Hospitals, Motol, spent there their last days. And finally, in 1998, the Chemin Neuf Community has begun to take care of the premisses, which now belong to the village Tuchlovice.

see also the interior of the church (during an ecumenical service) and the Chemin Neuf Community international home page

baroque in winter frontispiece the Jesuit sign, detail the yard of the former college the other corner of the yard