St Procopius

This neo-gothic church was built in 1908 in the center of Libušín square after the number of citizens increased considerably (due to intensive coal-mining in the area) in the last decades of the nineteenth century. Until then the former village belonged to an old church of St George.

The architect, Josef Ullmann, erected the church according to plans of Master Mocker from Trebon, its interior was decorated by Libušín natives Adolf Kolář and Adlo Schön. The bells were manufactured in Prague, and the clock came from a local school. The church, however, didn't serve long: the Germans confiscated it bells during the Second World War and the Communists didn't waste any time closing the church altogether. It was saved from ruin by last-minute reconstruction in 1991. The new bell is called Amalia, which is a latin version of the Czech name Libuše - the name which the town bears.

profile neogothic entrance a high window statue of St John Nepomucenus, detail the peak of the tower frontispiece the church tower