Assumption of Our Lady

It's origins lie in 14th century, and it was rebuilt in baroque style in 1688 - 11690. For centuries, pilgrims had been wandering to the church to the miraculous statue of Virgin Mary from 15th century (there's only a copy nowdays, and no pilgrims). A spring at the foot of the church-hill has the power to heal which too comes from Our Lady. Another statue of Our Lady stands on a pillar in front of the Church. Next to it there is also a bust of a Družec countryman, František Bakule. He was a well known pedagogue.

bell tower from the road from the graveyard tombstone of a Prague citizen a baroque portal detail of the baroque portal detail of the bell tower foot of the bell tower an ornamental capital statue of Our Lady (on a column) bust of Mr Bakule entrance to the graveyard the fog is no fog, but smoke from the houses bellow the hill a tombstone from 1721 a tombstone from 1776